2020 Milestones


Climate change is affecting our global food system, and extreme weather events are also impacting key raw material sources at processing facilities. We will reduce our greenhouse gas emissions and adapt to climate change as part of our risk management process. To maintain our status as a leading company in the seafood industry, we will also continue improving the safety conditions of our plants and factories.

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Milestone Reduced our emission and electricity consumption through a bio-gas project at Thai Union Manufacturing Co. Ltd.
Milestone Implemented energy reduction initiative at Thai Union Frozen Products, to improve the freezing process and its management, by controlling the pre-freezing process and the time needed to load tuna into the freezer
Milestone Enacted Group EH&S protocols and guidelines
Milestone Established EH&S Excellence Center
Milestone Conducted fire protection and machine safety workshops throughout Thailand
Milestone Established an EH&S library that includes accident data, best practices, well-recognized safety standards; which is accessible to all Thai Union sites
Milestone Rolled-out machine safety assessment
Milestone Introduced machine safety program to all factories globally
Milestone Conduct risk assessment of critical machines
Milestone Complete EH&S compliance review at all global facilities
Milestone Ensure wastewater compliance at all global facilities
Milestone Roll-out of Group EH&S protocols and guidelines to all factories
Milestone Conduct GHG and energy audit to understand consumption sources
Milestone Implement solar rooftop projects in some factories in Thailand and Europe
Milestone Implement shrimp farm energy improvement project with contracted farmers
Milestone Standardize EH&S operational best practices across all of Thai Union Group
Milestone Improve EH&S competency in all factories
Milestone Launch packaging goal to ensure 100 percent of our branded packaging is reusable, recyclable or compostable by 2025
Milestone Launch new strategy to combat food fraud
Milestone Reduce water and waste to landfill by 22 and 67 percent respectively compared to 2016
Milestone Reduce greenhouse gas intensity emissions by 18 percent
Milestone Become first food producer and Thailand-listed company to join EP100, a Climate Group global initiative on smarter energy use
Milestone Reduce greenhouse gas emission intensity by by 28 percent compared to 2016
Milestone Reduce waste disposal to landfill by 70 percent compared to 2016
Milestone Reduce water withdrawal to landfill by 26 percent compared to 2016