2020 Milestones


We take reports of human rights abuses in the global seafood industry very seriously and are determined to stamp out illegal and unsafe labor practices wherever they exist.

Click here to see details of our 2020 goals and the initiatives we have in place to achieve them. Scroll down to see the key milestones on our journey.

Milestone Introduce an auditable Labor Code of Conduct for all suppliers
Milestone Elect welfare committees in all Thailand facilities
Milestone Run pilot tests with the Issara Institute on their worker voice app
Milestone Issara Institute helpline available in 5 facilities & 3 port
Milestone Implement Ethical Migrant Worker Recruitment Policy in Thailand
Milestone Full social mapping of labor conditions in Thai Union facilities in Thailand
Milestone Develop and trial traceability program in Thailand
Milestone Implement Ethical Migrant Worker Recruitment Policy in all global facilities
Milestone Issara Institute hotline details available in all facilities and ports, roll out to supply chains
Milestone Develop a standard social audit tool across the seafood industry, working with the Seafood Task Force
Milestone Develop capacity building program in Thailand for labor and human rights in the seafood industry
Milestone Introduce Fishing Vessel Improvement Program and Vessel Code of Conduct
Milestone Launch Human Rights Policy
Milestone Launch Diversity Policy
Milestone Introduce updated Supplier Business Ethics and Labor Code of Conduct
Milestone Thai Union addresses world leaders on combating modern slavery at UN General Assembly
Milestone Introduce new Whistleblowing Platform for all staff and workers
Milestone Further develop eObserver program in partnership with Nature Conservancy
Milestone Publication of an independent evaluation of our Ethical Migrant Recruitment Policy
Milestone Thai Union, AENOR and Global Seafood Assurances sign MoU to collaborate on fishing vessel standards and crew welfare
Milestone Thai Union North America introduced their Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (JEDI) initiative
Milestone Implemented comprehensive health and safety measures for all employees in response to COVID-19
Milestone Introduced a Non-Reprisal Policy
Milestone Revised the Vessel Code of Conduct and Guidance Document