2020 Milestones


Caring for our natural resources is critical for the health of the world for generations to come. We are working with suppliers to ensure the entire seafood industry works towards the protection of species and the marine environment.

Click here to see details of our 2020 goals and the initiatives we have in place to achieve them. Scroll down to see the key milestones on our journey.

Milestone Limit all our purchases of internationally-caught tuna to large scale purse seine vessels on the ISSF PVR
Milestone Launch FIP roadmap
Milestone Publish aligned tuna and wild caught fish sourcing policies and roadmap for the whole Thai Union group
Milestone Publish aligned aquaculture sourcing policies and roadmap for the whole Thai Union Group
Milestone Launch a Global Responsible Sourcing Committee for Thai Union Group
Milestone Fully digitally map the shrimp supply chain in Thailand
Milestone Launch Indian Ocean tuna FIP
Milestone Develop and trial traceability program in Thailand
Milestone Launch Brazil tuna FIP
Milestone Launch Atlantic Ocean Tuna FIP
Milestone Fully map the shrimp supply chain in India
Milestone Launch WCPO tuna FIP
Milestone Launch Senegal tuna FIP
Milestone Join Global Ghost Gear Initiative (GGGI) to help combat marine plastics
Milestone Together with Chicken of the Sea® and Monterey Bay Aquarium launch SeaChange® IGNITE
Milestone Thai Union and WWF release first Sourcing Transparency: Wild Caught Fish and Shellfish report
Milestone Launch Senegal Pole and Line Tuna FIP
Milestone Third-party audit programs conducted on Thai commercial fishing vessels and tuna vessels globally
Milestone Third-party audit conducted on our 2017 landmark agreement with Greenpeace
Milestone Launch ASEAN tuna FIP
Milestone Launch Vietnam tuna FIP
Milestone Launch Indonesia tuna FIP
Milestone Launch Western Pacific Ocean tuna FIP
Milestone Launch Indian Ocean Albacore tuna FIP
Milestone Launch Fairtrade Yellowfin tuna FIP
Milestone Complete tuna stock assessment
Milestone Introduce the Policy for the Responsible Sourcing of Tuna: Albacore, Bigeye, Skipjack, Tonggol and Yellowfin
Milestone Expanded adoption of AlgaPrime DHA into shrimp aquaculture alongside partner Corbion
Milestone Demonstrating its ongoing commitment to transparency, Thai Union takes part in the Ocean Disclosure Project.
Milestone Thai Union partners with The Nature Conservancy (TNC) on a pioneering commitment to full supply-chain transparency in its global tuna supply chains.