Thai Union Statement on Partnership for Tuna Fishery Improvement in the Indian Ocean

A tuna Fishery Improvement Project (FIP) for the Indian Ocean was recently activated, with the signing of a partnership agreement between 17 organizations – including Thai Union Europe – in a multi-stakeholder industry-led initiative.

The FIP will work toward meeting the fisheries sustainability standard set by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC). The MSC Fisheries Standard reflects international best practice in fisheries management and is based on United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (UN FAO – Code of Conduct for Responsible Fisheries) guidelines.

“The FIP will focus on key areas of sustainable sourcing – healthy fish stocks, minimal and reversible impact on ecosystems, and effective fisheries management,” said Dr. Darian McBain, Ph.D., Thai Union’s global director for sustainable development. “There will also be a focus on supporting the recovery plan of the yellowfin stock in the region and we’ll will work closely with the Indian Ocean Tuna Commission to improve fisheries governance in the region.”

In addition to Thai Union Europe, the agreement was signed by: ATUNSA Inc.; Beach Fishing Limited; Compagnie Francaise du Thon Océanique (CFTO); Hartswater Limited; Inspesca Fishing Ltd; Indian Ocean Ship Management Services (IOSMS); Interatun Ltd.; Industria Armatoriale Tonniera; Isabella Fishing, Ltd; OPAGAC; Orthongel; OPTUC (ANABAC); Princes Limited; SAPMER SA; Thunnus Overseas Group; and Tuna Fishing Company (TFC). The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and Government of Seychelles will also support and participate, while the Governments of Madagascar and Mauritius have indicated an interest in participating in the FIP.

More information about this partnership is available on Thai Union’s website for its sustainability strategy, SeaChange®, at: http://upmedio.wpengine.com/press-releases/partnership-agreement-signed-tuna-fishery-improvement-indian-ocean/