Thai Union Publishes Third Annual Sustainability Report, Covering Global Operations for the First Time

Thai Union Group PCL (Thai Union) has published the annual Sustainability Report, covering the company’s global operations for the first time. Thai Union currently operates in 10 countries on four continents.

The Thai Union Sustainability Report 2015 details the progress the company has made globally to mitigate human rights and labor practice issues, as well as responsible sourcing and environmental objectives.

“Transparency is vital so the wider industry can see what works as we move forward to tackle global and regional issues,” said Darian McBain, Thai Union’s global director for sustainable development.

Thai Union acknowledges there are challenges facing the industry, while taking steps to combat possible risks. The company cited one example in the shrimp supply chain, where detailed supply chain mapping revealed the use of third party pre-processors was a risk. In 2015, Thai Union took the industry leading step to bring all pre-processing in house to ensure integrated vertical control over the supply chain and better protection of workers’ rights. Additionally, Thai Union offered employment to more than 1,200 former pre-processing workers effected by the action, providing them with safe and legal employment. The Thai Frozen Food Association banned the use of external pre-processors soon afterward.

“Thai Union’s goal is to implement leading best practices that can benefit the entire industry,” McBain continued.

The 2015 Sustainability Report was verified by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), an international independent standards organization, to G4 Core Content Index standards. This is progress on the 2014 Sustainability Report, which met the Materiality Disclosure level.