Thai Union Publishes First Modern Slavery Act Transparency Statement

Thai Union Group PCL (Thai Union) today published the company's Modern Slavery Act Transparency Statement, in support of the UK Modern Slavery Act 2015.

The statement discloses activities undertaken by Thai Union to eliminate slavery and human trafficking from its supply chains and business operations.

It includes the company’s commitment to actively support and respect internationally recognized human rights, and leverage its leadership position to detect and eradicate abuses in the seafood industry.

“Thai Union is committed to fighting human trafficking and human rights violations, whether found in our own operations or in our supply chain. We welcome legislation like the UK Modern Slavery Act designed to combat slavery and trafficking,” said Thai Union’s Global Director for Sustainable Development, Darian McBain.

“As a global company, our supply chains can be complex, but we are working to combat potential risks through careful supply chain management, audits and capacity building with our suppliers,” she continued.

Thai Union continues to promote positive change in the seafood industry, with McBain speaking at a number of leading human rights conferences and forums, including Trust Forum Asia, Innovation Forum, and the United Nations (UN) Human Rights Asia Regional Forum on Business and Human Rights. A summary of the UN discussion is available at http://ap.ohchr.org/documents/dpage_e.aspx?si=A/HRC/32/45/Add.2

Thai Union’s Modern Slavery Act Transparency Statement was reviewed by the Thai Union Board of Directors and signed by the Chief Executive Officer and Executive Chairman. The statement is publically available on the Thai Union website at here