Thai Union Joins Sustainable Business Forum to Encourage Civil Society Engagement

Sustainability is a “strategic opportunity for growth, rather than a threat or burden”.

This was the message from Mr.Jeremy Crawford, Responsible Sourcing Manager for Thai Union Group PCL. at the Thailand Ethical and Sustainable Business Forum hosted by Oxfam in Bangkok

Speaking in a panel discussion on how to achieve sustainability through collaboration with civil society partners, he highlighted the importance of engagement when seeking to develop ethical and sustainable business solutions.

“Thai Union has been collaborating with groups such as Project Issara; Migrant Workers Rights Network (MWRN) and the Labor Promotion Network (LPN) to help improve labor conditions for Thai and migrant supply chain workers,” said Mr. Crawford.

“In our experience, partnership and open engagement with all parties delivers practical and meaningful improvements. When different groups are motivated to work together on these multi-stakeholder platforms, the pace of progress is significant.”

The Oxfam event was a multi-stakeholder forum that brought together leading global and national experts; private companies and civil society actors to share, challenge and discuss conventional wisdom on ethical and sustainable business in Thailand.

The forum was aimed at around 60 Thai private companies who were keen to positively engage with others to ensure their corporate practices were sustainable and ethical.