Thai Union, International Transport Workers’ Federation Host Health and Safety Training in Thailand

28 JANUARY 2019, BANGKOK — Thai Union Group PCL and the International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF) co-hosted a health and safety training workshop for more than 70 fishers recently in Chumphon, Thailand.

Participants received a range of guidance, including first aid and basic medical training techniques such as CPR, how to effectively respond to a potential life-threatening situation while at sea. Each fisher also received a medical kit containing supplies to use while on board vessels.

“I found the training workshop very useful—especially the medical training. We learned things no one had ever really told us before now which are very important to know,” said Kyaw Kyaw Myint, a migrant worker originally from Myanmar.

The workshop also covered basic instruction on fire safety, good health practices as well as how to use bank accounts in Thailand.

“This program is all about putting what we found in our vessel audits in our supply chain into practical, useful advice for fishers, captains and vessel owners. We know that auditing alone does nothing to improve the industry, and we really want to help the fishers understand basic, safe practices. We also found that most vessels do not have basic first aid kits, and the kits distributed at the workshops can potentially save lives.” said Dr. Darian McBain, Thai Union’s global director for sustainable development. “When you teach people very practical skills that they can put into practice in every-day life, that is when they see the value.”

Caption: A participant in a health and safety training workshop co-hosted by Thai Union and the International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF) receives a safety kit with basic first aid supplies. Photo credit: Padungsak Vaiyavat/Thai Union

In addition to partnering with ITF to co-host health and safety training workshops, Thai Union also works with the International Labour Organization (ILO) related to select information that is being promoted among fisher communities, along with other important partners within the seafood and fishing industry.

This is the third health and safety training workshop Thai Union has co-hosted alongside ITF in Thailand in the last year, including in sessions in Trat and Pattani.

Thai Union plans to continue to host training workshops with suppliers throughout Thailand in 2019.



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