Thai Union Holds Science Camp to Promote Learning for Students in Samut Sakhon

20 SEPTEMBER 2017, SAMUT SAKHON, THAILAND — An insatiable curiosity and a passion for science recently bonded more than 100 students from Samut Sakhon with some of the top minds in research, technology and innovation during the Thai Union Group PCL Global Innovation Incubator’s (Gii) 2nd Annual Science Camp held at Wat Srisudtharam School.

Seventy scientists from Thai Union designed the camp experience to teach students basic science, including how to better develop logical thinking and observational skills.

“It’s incredible how passionate and eager these children are to learn about science. And we have a responsibility to cultivate and nurture that passion for science education, especially among the people and communities where Thai Union operates,” said Tunyawat Kasemsuwan, Ph.D., Thai Union’s director for the Global Innovation Center. “Science is really about stimulating and satisfying our natural curiosity to discover why and how things happen, while arriving at those discoveries in a logical and rational manner. Children that acquire even this most basic skillset of a scientist will be able to apply those lessons to their benefit throughout numerous situations in their lives.”

Some of the lessons and experiments conducted by Thai Union’s scientists at the camp included: explaining simple electromagnetic theory; highlighting pressure, density and the center of gravity with an egg; creating a chemical reaction with lemon juice, and; using a Thai herb to test for borax in food.

“We tried to introduce science in a simple manner, such as using paper and turmeric powder for borax testing in food. This is something students can apply in daily life,” said Nutcha Nakwiang, a process and technology scientist at Thai Union’s Global Innovation Incubator.

“I’ve always liked science and love it even more now after participating in this camp with Thai Union,” said Kaew, a fourth-grade student at Wat Sirimongkul School who is originally from Myanmar. “For me, the most interesting experiment was learning about borax in food and how to test for it.”

Kanitta Lekdee, a sixth-grade student at Wat Srisudtharam School, said she found the experiments useful and enjoyable. She added she hopes to pursue a career in teaching science.

“One of the most fun activities taught me how to make a slime safely, which was super fun,” she said. “Now more than ever, I feel I want to be a science teacher when I grow up.”

Kasemsuwan said one of the keys to making the camp a success was demonstrating to students that learning science is not only important but also exciting.

“Sometimes students mistakenly think science is too difficult or not interesting, which can frighten them away all together,” said Kasemsuwan. “I think today we helped dispel that myth with these students, and hopefully some will be inspired to pursue science even more enthusiastically in the future.”

Students who participated in the science camp attend preschools in Samut Sakhon where Thai Union has established and continues to support the children of migrant workers studying to enter Thailand’s formal education system. Those schools include Wat Srisudtharam, Wat Yaichomprasat and Wat Sirimongkul.


Photo Caption: Students from Samut Sakhon create “safe slime” during a scientific experiment at the Thai Union Global Innovation Incubator’s (Gii) 2nd Annual Science Camp, held at Wat Srisudtharam School in Samut Sakhon. Photo credit: Thai Union/Wichai Apiluxpoovadol



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