Thai Union Continues to Improve Transparency for Business Partners

Thai Union’s business partners were trained on how to do business transparency and accountability and how to act in full accordance with Thai Union’s Business Ethics and Labor Code of Conduct at Montien Riverside Hotel.

Thai Union recently held the second Business Ethics and Labor Code of Conduct training with over 80 business partners in Bangkok to introduce the company’s strict Code of Conduct and ensure understanding and compliance.

After announcing the new Code in 2015, Thai Union has been communicating the details with employees and business partners to explain their responsibilities on business ethics and labor practices and how to act in full accordance with Thai Union’s Code of Conduct.

“The training provided a full explanation of the 12 key fundamental principles of the Business Ethics and Labor Code of Conduct,” said Chan Shue Chung, Thai Union’s head of group human resources.

“Our mission is to be the seafood industry’s leading agent of change and we understand this can be achieved when business is conducted sustainably and responsibly,” he said. “We want to ensure that our business partners also understand how important transparency and good labor practices are for the industry. We are all moving forward together in order to improve how the Thai seafood industry operates.”

Hiroki Okazaki, Siam UKF’s managing director, commented: “We believe that if we treat employees equitably and fairly then it will be reflected in the quality of their work. We have always been committed to doing business with transparency and accountability. And we support Thai Union as it drives the changes in the seafood industry on sustainable marine resources, including human rights, labor standards and traceability in the seafood supply chain.”

“We are pleased with what Thai Union is doing to improve the seafood industry. We believe that this will better reflect on Thailand’s reputation,” said Jantippamas Shafung, C.P.Consumer Products’ general manager.

Aekasak Theppadungporn, Theppadungporn Coconut’s general manager, added that, “this is a good initiative for changing the way of Thai seafood industry operates. We openly support Thai Union’s Business Ethics and Labor Code of Conduct”.