Thai Union Conducts Health and Nutrition Workshop for Families in Samut Sakhon

4 APRIL 2018, SAMUT SAKHON, THAILAND — Kids love to eat. And parents want to be sure their kids are eating right. So, to help raise awareness about how to maintain a healthy diet, Thai Union Group PCL. recently hosted a health and nutrition workshop for the families of local students at Wat Sri Sudtharam School.


The three-hour workshop was led by three nutritionists from Nakornthon Hospital. Parents received information on the types of food they should provide to children, and how to best prepare certain meals. Additionally, parents were instructed on what action to take if their children did not want to eat properly. To watch a video from the workshop, click here.


“Children often eat what they think tastes good, so it is important for parents to understand and educate them about how to eat healthy food and avoid relying on unhealthy food,” said Tharinee Jankon, a nutritionist at Nakornthon Hospital. Children grow very quickly so they need to eat sufficient energy and nutrients. Normally, the energy requirements of children ages six to 13 years old is approximately 1,600 kilocalories per day from the five major food groups.”


The workshop not only provided valuable food nutrition information, but also demonstrated how to prepare wholesome meals for children by using seafood ingredients. The menu presented in the workshop included sardine fried rice, a tuna burger and a grilled seabass burger.  Anong Raden, the mother of Natthida Raden, a third-grade student at Wat Srisudtharam School, said the workshop was useful as it introduced her to new recipes. “What I learned today I can adapt for my daughter. For example, tuna can be eaten in many ways not just only for salad, so I can use tuna as an ingredient for other menus.”  Thai Union also distributed a jigsaw puzzle that featured information regarding the benefits of fish. The workshop paired children and parents to construct the puzzle and complete a quiz about the nutrition information found on the jigsaw.  “I enjoyed playing with the jigsaw puzzle. It was so much fun and I learned a lot about fish nutrition,” said Natthida. “This idea behind this workshop is not only to provide health and nutrition knowledge but also to allow children and parents to spend time together, encouraging a good relationship between family members,” said Dr. Darian McBain, Thai Union’s global director for sustainable development. “As a seafood producer, Thai Union recognizes the importance of nutrition to a healthy lifestyle, which is key to improving the lives of those living and working in the communities where we operate.” Thai Union hosted the workshop at Wat Sri Sudtharam School as it is one of the three schools where the company sponsors the education of children of migrant and local workers to help them enter the Thai education system and progress to primary school. The classes also ensure the children are safe during the day, providing working parents with real peace of mind.  This work is undertaken in line with Thai Union’s sustainability strategy, SeaChange®. To learn more, visit: http://upmedio.wpengine.com/.





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Today, Thai Union is regarded as the world’s largest producer of shelf-stable tuna products with annual sales exceeding THB 135 billion (US$ 4.03 billion) and a global workforce of over 49,000 people who are dedicated to pioneering sustainable, innovative seafood products.

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As a company committed to innovation and globally responsible behavior, Thai Union is proud to be a member of the United Nations Global Compact, and a founding member of the International Seafood Sustainability Foundation (ISSF). In 2015, Thai Union introduced its SeaChange® sustainability strategy. Thai Union’s on-going work on sustainability issues was recognized by its inclusion in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index Emerging Markets (DJSI) in 2014. In 2017, Thai Union was named to the DJSI for the fourth consecutive year. Thai Union has also been included in the FTSE4Good Emerging Index.