Our Packaging Commitment

Improving the environmental footprint of our packaging

Packaging is an important component of any product and contributes to a company’s overall environmental impact. Thai Union is reducing its environmental footprint by developing and implementing packaging initiatives which aim to be more sustainable.

As a company producing a wide range of products for consumers, we think carefully about the environmental impact of every single unit we produce to reduce our environmental footprint. In our sustainability strategy, SeaChange®, we reflect this and have a program of work to reduce our footprint by designing and implementing packaging initiatives which are more sustainable.

In our work program, ‘Responsible Operations’, we have committed to ensuring 100 percent of our branded packaging is reusable, recyclable or compostable by 2025 and 30 percent average recycled content in our branded packaging by 2025.

As part of our Packaging Commitment, Thai Union is exploring a number of solutions, including:

You can learn more in our latest Global Packaging Strategy: Annual Progress Update here