About SeaChange®

Our sustainability objectives

As a company built on producing and selling high quality seafood products to markets around the world, our sustainability objectives can be summarized in three overarching aims:

However, the global seafood industry is complex and what look like simple objectives require significant programs of action.

SeaChange® is our global sustainability strategy. We think of SeaChange® as a journey that covers every aspect of the seafood business: from how we look after the oceans to how we manage our waste; from the responsibility we take for our workers to building brighter futures for the communities around our key sites.

When it comes to sustainability, the key is the ability to fully trace our seafood – from catch to consumption; with full traceability in place, we will be able to identify, investigate and improve key issues such as labor and sourcing.

While this work is designed to have a positive impact on the seafood industry, the milestones we achieve under our programs will also deliver against United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We have focused on four of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, contributing to broader societal change in areas where we can have direct influence. However, our work contributes to all 17 goals in a number of ways.

Our programs

SeaChange® is an integrated plan of initiatives, organized into four programs, to drive meaningful improvements across the entire global seafood industry.