changing seafood for good

Welcome to SeaChange®

Thai Union’s
sustainability strategy.

The changes we will achieve through SeaChange® are critical – not just for Thai Union but for the whole of the global seafood industry.

SeaChange® will also deliver against the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, contributing to broader societal change.

In 2023, Thai Union will announce a major update to SeaChange® with new goals and new commitments through to 2030. This will include actions across a wide range of topics to address such as the decline in biodiversity, tackling climate change, ensuring endangered species are protected, important ecosystems are restored and that natural resources are managed sustainably.

Our programs

SeaChange® is an integrated plan of initiatives, organized into four programs, to drive meaningful improvements across the entire global seafood industry.

Our sustainability objectives

These can be summarized in three overarching aims: